Lawmakers Hopeful as 2018 Session Begins


There was a spirit of optimism in the air as state lawmakers gaveled in the 2018 session. Opening day often brings talk of bipartisanship and cooperation, but that spirit never seems to last, especially in an election year. Nevertheless, state Senator Pam Jochum, a Dubuque Democrat, struck a hopeful tone about the coming session, although her party is in the minority in a Senate controlled by Republicans 29 to 20. She says last session they made their voices heard. "I hope that we're much more transparent and work together to craft tax policy and make a real commitment to what we say are our priorities," she says. "Right now I'm not seeing a lot of outreach to get us trying to work together in subcommittee, but I'll give them the benefit of the...

Lawmakers Hopeful as 2018 Session Begins

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