Former Lawmakers Dismayed by Partisanship of 2017


Former Iowa lawmakers are expressing dismay at the partisanship on display at the statehouse, although they say Iowa reflects a national trend. Former Speaker of the Iowa House, Republican Brent Siegrist says the legislature has become much more partisan than during his time there. "There's still 150 well-meaning people up there. Even when you disagree with them, they're there to do the job that they think they're sent to do, but it is more divided and more ideologically rigid than when I was there, and I think that takes a toll." Siegrist says the trend has emerged over the past 10 to 20 years, and he blames the 24 hour news cycle. "People get entrenched in their positions. A lot of people go to the legislature now and they see everything in black...

Former Lawmakers Dismayed by Partisanship of 2017

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