Iowan Peggy Whitson On Living in Space


On September 3, Iowan Peggy Whitson returned from her most recent mission to the International Space Station. She has spent a total of 665 days in space during three separate missions. That's more than any other woman worldwide and more than any other American. Whitson grew up in Beaconsfield where her parents farm, and she says she's still proud to be an Iowan. During this River to River conversation, she talks with host Ben Kieffer. She says during her most recent stay on the space station, she was doing some research on cancer cells and the hands-on science she was working on made her stay very interesting. "We were growing lung cancer cells, cardiac cells, stem cells, and looking at changes. One of the most interesting things, we were doing a...

Iowan Peggy Whitson On Living in Space

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